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Horse and Rider must have the utmost confidence in each other to take them across terrain such as a dark trail ride, a course of fences throughout the 4 mile Cross Country course, through the big roll backs and over the huge double oxers in the Jumpers stadium. TJ Retallick offers training for the horse and rider combination to overcome these obstacles and become confident to cross the finish line at any event or personal riding goals. Moving at a pace comfortable for horse and rider.

At some point in time supervised train is something that every horseman or horsewoman can benefit from, whether its gearing up for the show ring, gaining confidence, or just gaining the knowledge and safety to venture out on their own. I use techniques that I have learned through working and studying with many different trainers. In the past I have trained with Peter Leone-(Olympic rider), Heather Johnson (Hunter/Jumper Training), and much more.

 Balance is a very important part of your ride, this is important in all types of riding, and is something that I push in all of my riders, as well as position. Good Balance and Good Position will bring you everywhere you need to go. 

TJ as well as instructing riding lessons and riding clinics, TJ is a great trainer for our 4 legged friends. TJ has great experiences finishing green horses, tune-ups for the show ring, bomb proofing a horse and starting horses. If you have a horse that needs a bit of direction, TJ is your guy! 


All training I offer is done at your facilities with your horses, I do not have the facilities at this moment to offer Lesson's or training at right now, but that may change in the near future.


Please give yourself time to browse through my website and look at all the pictures and learn more about the services I Offer and read the testimonials from past and current clients.

 Are you interested in becoming part of an Equestrian Team? Or Showing this season? Inquire about the show team!! Please contact TJ today if your interested. Special Rates apply for Equestrian Team members. E-Mail TJ at [email protected]






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